Hey, Vivid Church! Pastor Joe Angelo here, thrilled to take you on an adventure into the spiritual realm – a journey that echoes the heartbeat of success in marriage, finances, family, and influence. As we navigate the Tabernacle together, I want you to catch the rhythm of these divine insights that have fueled my life and ministry.

Prayer, Tithing, and Fasting: Spiritual Grooves in My Routine

Every night, my wife Krissy and I groove to the sweet rhythm of prayer. Tithing isn’t just a checkbox; it’s a rhythm, a melody of gratitude that echoes in our finances. Weekly fasting? It’s a soulful tune that unveils the spiritual depth of the challenges we face.

1 Kings 5:3 – a verse that resonates like a classic tune, reminding us that just as David couldn’t build until the enemy was defeated, our spiritual battles must be faced and conquered before the foundation of success is laid.

The Tabernacle Prayer: A Melody of Gratitude, Repentance, Worship, Surrender, and Dependency

Today, we’re diving into the Tabernacle Prayer – a melody that shapes our daily rhythm. It cultivates a heart of gratitude, encourages repentance with a soulful beat, fosters genuine worship, instills surrender, and deepens our dependency on the Holy Spirit.

The Outer Courts: Krissy’s Anthem of Praise and Thanksgiving

Krissy leads us into the outer courts with an anthem of praise and thanksgiving. In a world full of noise, we choose to crank up the volume on our gratitude. Krissy’s tune? The scientific benefits of thanksgiving – a harmony designed by God for our joy and healing.

The Brazen Altar: The Cross of Christ – My Jam

Moving to the Brazen Altar, I dive into the soulful melody of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice. His blood, a redemptive chorus, covers our transgressions and iniquities. The call to surrender our worries and anxieties? It’s a refrain that echoes deep within.

The Laver: Erick’s Reflections on Cleansing and Preparation

Erick takes us into a reflective interlude – the Laver. Parallels to cleansing and preparation resonate like a soothing ballad. Presenting ourselves as living sacrifices, the blood of Jesus becomes the cleansing crescendo. Erick’s solo? The importance of confession and living a life holy and acceptable.

The Candlestick: Krissy’s Illumination on the Holy Spirit’s Guidance

Krissy throws light on the seven-branched golden candlestick, a divine disco ball representing the Holy Spirit’s fire. He’s the DJ guiding us through life’s unknown dancefloor, orchestrating the safest route. His presence? The ultimate assurance on this rhythmic journey.

Table of Showbread: Erick’s Encouragement to Embrace God’s Beat

Erick delves into the Table of Showbread, urging us to embrace God’s beat. The daily sustenance and truth found in God’s Word? It’s the constant bassline of our lives. Erick’s revelation from James 1:19? A verse that struck a chord, bringing transformation.

Altar of Incense: Krissy’s Reflection on the Pleasure of Worship

Krissy takes us to the Altar of Incense, a divine concert where worship is the headline act. With the Holy Spirit as the ultimate sound engineer, worship is no longer confined – it’s an accessible melody anytime, anywhere. Let’s not take this symphony for granted.

Ark of the Covenant: My Call to Be a Prayer Warrior

Finally, we explore the Ark of the Covenant – the place of intercession. I challenge you, Vivid Church, to become prayer warriors, filling the gaps for those who don’t even know they’re falling. Pray for those in authority, the marginalized, family, church, community, relationships, and even adversaries.

As we conclude this melodious journey through the Tabernacle, may you embrace the spiritual rhythms that lead to success in every aspect of your life. Stay blessed, Vivid Church!

-Pastor Joe

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