In life, we’ve all encountered sickness, joblessness, financial struggles, spiritual dryness, marital conflict, doubt, guilt, etc. Maybe your life sounds something like this.

My guilt overwhelms me—it is a burden too heavy to bear.

Psalm 38:4 (NLT) 

In the midst of our brokenness, there is a book—filled not only with brokenness but also with hope, healing, security, freedom, and unity (Psalm 38:15, 21-22).

Embracing Brokenness:

Individualistic Mindset:

    • We often adopt an individualistic mindset, attempting to navigate life’s challenges on our own.
    • This mindset leads to isolation, overlooking the importance of community and social connections.

Pressure to Achieve:

    • The constant pressure to overcome and achieve contributes to stress, burnout, and more brokenness.
    • We must shift our mindset to understand the significance of community and support.

The Power of Community:

Story of Paralyzed Man (Luke 5):

    • Just as some men brought a paralyzed friend to Jesus, we must bring our brokenness to the feet of Christ.
    • We need strong, resolute, prayerful, and believing individuals to support us.

Plan B – Get Your Hands Dirty:

    • When faced with obstacles, we should be willing to go beyond the conventional and get our hands dirty.
    • Inviting others to church requires creativity, persistence, and sometimes tearing through barriers.

Time, Talent, Treasure:

    • Investing time, utilizing talents, and sharing treasures are key components of bringing others to Jesus.
    • A small act can have a significant impact on someone’s spiritual journey.

The Transformation in Jesus:

Standing in Front of Jesus:

    • When the paralyzed man stood in front of Jesus, everything changed.
    • We, too, can experience transformation when we bring our brokenness to Jesus with a receptive heart.

Jesus’ Authority to Forgive Sins:

    • Only God can solve our sin problem, and Jesus demonstrated His authority to forgive sins.
    • We must have faith in Jesus not only for our needs but also for the needs of those we bring to Him.

The Power of Compassion:

    • Jesus sees us in our brokenness and responds

-Pastor Joe Angelo

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