Ever woken up in a midnight panic? 🌙 We’ve all been there. Let me share our “new place” story, but you might have your own version. It could be those “kids’ faith” worries, cash crunch, work blues, or even relationship turbulence.

Sleepless nights drove me to a breaking point. I decided to flip the script: worry ➡️ prayer. Because who wants a life of worry? 😓 I wanted to be a person of prayer.

Anxiety, health issues—ugh. 😔 Decision-making went for a toss, relationships strained, joy evaporated. But I cracked the code.

Remember Philippians 4:6-8? “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.” Boom! I put prayer first.

Imagine hitting boss chats, tough convos, school days, or dreams with prayer upfront. Life-changer? Oh, you bet.

Matthew 6:33 Seek First The Kingdom of God! 

Fasting + prayer = miracles.

Revival? Yep, it feeds on prayer. Choose spirit over worry junk food.

5 P’s of Prayer: 💫

  • Priority: Ditch excuses, make prayer priority. Same time, daily.

  • Place: Where are you going to pray? Outside? Car? Couch? Plan ahead..speaking of plan..

  • Plan: Pray, chat, listen. Boom! 🗣️Plan out your prayer, who are you praying for, what are you praying for, don’t forget to thank God for what He has already done. 

  • Power: Prayer isn’t chat—it’s divine dynamite. You are praying to the almighty God of the universe, you are coming against the devil. 

  • Persons: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Thank God the Father for His love that He would send His Son. Thank Jesus for dying for your sins and sending the Holy Spirit. Thank the Holy Spirit that He lives in you and empowers you to make God known to the world. 

Pray for:

  • 🙏 Intimacy with God: Get up close and personal.

  • 🙌 Freedom: Come against demonic barriers,  and let go of the weight you are carrying.

  • 🌟 Divine Plan: Discover God’s path.

  • 🌱 Impact: Join a team at church and, make ripples for eternity!

4 Ways To Fast

  • 🙅 Complete: Nix it all. Reset. Drink just water & juice

  • 🥦 Selective: Food tweaks (no sugar, only veggies etc). Focus on God.

  • 🍽️ Partial: Skip breakfast and lunch, chat with God during those times. 

  • 🧘 Soul: Pause distractions, (social media, sports, news, tv, movies etc) find clarity.

Remember your “why”—it’s your prayer power! Ask for friends to know Jesus.

So, when panic knocks at midnight’s door, remember: choose prayer over worry. Swap anxiety for peace, uncertainty for assurance.

From midnight panic to inner peace—the journey’s yours. Ready to take it? Let’s pray first. 🙏🌟

– Pastor Joe Angelo

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