What is the foundation of the church? good sermons? amazing worship? top facilities?

In the early days of the church the transformative power is found in Acts 2:42. We discover a verse that serves as the foundation for the remarkable growth and impact of the early church. Let’s delve into the essential elements found in this verse and uncover how they can inspire and shape our own communities today.

Fellowship: Embracing Authentic Partnership In the Greek language, fellowship is described as “koinōnia,” which goes far beyond casual social interactions. It embodies a deep partnership and mutual participation in a shared purpose. In the early church, believers saw themselves as partners, sharers, and companions, united in their mission to advance the Kingdom of God. Today, we are reminded of the power of authentic relationships and how they can propel us towards a collective purpose.

Breaking Bread: Celebrating Together Jesus used the imagery of breaking bread to convey profound moments of joy and celebration. Just as the father in the parable of the prodigal son threw a grand feast upon his son’s return, the early church understood the significance of coming together to remember Jesus’ sacrificial work on the cross. The act of breaking bread not only satisfied physical hunger but also nourished the soul, fostering a sense of unity and gratitude. We are invited to create spaces where we can rejoice, be glad, and share in the abundant blessings of God.

The Power of Shared Meals: Deepening Connection Throughout His ministry, Jesus frequently engaged in meals with people from all walks of life. While not every instance directly focuses on the food, the act of dining together symbolized the importance of hospitality and community. Jesus used these moments to bridge divides, break down barriers, and create meaningful connections. Today, we are encouraged to cultivate the art of shared meals, recognizing that they provide fertile ground for authentic conversations, healing, and building genuine relationships.

Conclusion: The early church’s power and glory emanated from a solid foundation rooted in the apostles’ doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayers. By studying their example, we gain valuable insights into building authentic community today. Let us be intentional in cultivating deep partnerships, celebrating together with hearts full of gratitude, and embracing the transformative power of shared meals. May our lives and communities reflect the love and unity that characterized the early church, as we continue to be a light in a world that longs for genuine connection.


– Pastor Joe

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