We have a place for you and your family

  • A church where you can begin your personal spiritual journey.
  • A safe space for your children to learn Christian principles.
  • A community where your family can grow together with other families.

What we believe

Trusting God like any relationship takes time and effort. We believe that through worship, Connect Groups, Dream Teams, and prayer you will learn how to trust God and gain the spiritual tools to put your faith into action.

We want to help you discover your God-given purpose.

Joe & Krissy Angelo

We grew up in religion. Systematically going to church and going through the motions, just to check it off the list. Even though we did all of this every week (even multiple times because we went to a religious school), our lives seemed to still be falling apart and not making any sense. 

We felt like a hamster on a wheel. When we were in college striving to become successful and provide a life that would support us to do all the things we thought we wanted, we never felt satisfied. 

While we were still trying to satiate that internal void, we were invited to a local church. We started to see our perspectives change and our hearts change. Our relationship with each other, with others, and with Jesus changed drastically for the better. 

We couldn’t deny that as we surrendered our life to Jesus and the Word of God, He was faithful to us, showed us grace we didn’t deserve, and gave us a peace and understanding in our lives that we’ve never experienced. 

I (Joe) felt called into ministry and started a church internship program at age 22. After that I went in a youth ministry track and became the youth pastor. We then helped plant a church and served at that church for 10 years. Serving from kids, youth, marriage ministry and as associate pastor. For the last year we have helped V1 Church launch its first national campus in Indiana and have been the Campus Pastors. 

After hearing and understanding who Jesus truly was, we finally understood our purpose. Since serving Him and His vision and realizing the unconditional love He has for us, we want to show that to the world. 

We want to start this church to help others understand it as well. We went through some really tough times since then, people have failed us, in and out of the church, but Jesus was faithful the whole time. We don’t expect a perfect life, but we can expect a perfect loving God that will provide all that we need. 

We just want to show Jesus as he really is, not as people have made him. To produce powerful feelings and a strong clear image of Jesus. We want to help people see life different. See marriage different. To see Jesus different.

What to expect

  • We have no dress code and everyone is welcome!

  •  A fun, safe, and clean children’s area is provided for kids from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

  • During worship, we seek to engage the heart, mind, and soul with worship songs and an inspiring message for all walks of life. Our gathering will last for about an hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Our goal is that you leave us having gained a new perspective, made some new friends, and already looking forward to returning the next week.

Discover your purpose.

Everyone, at some point, wonders who they are because it determines how we see ourselves. We know people come to church with many identities– some positive, some negative.

Our goal is for you to see yourself the way God sees you. Jesus, the Son of God, taught that we are children who are valued, forgiven and loved unconditionally in God’s eyes. We want you to think, trust and live knowing that you are a child of the Most High God so that you experience the goodness purposed for you here and now.

This is a place where you can find community.

If you’ve been going through the motions and wishing for more, you’re not alone. Every person has a need to connect with something greater than themselves and with other people who are working to Make a Difference in the world.

Jesus invites us into a new reality called “The Kingdom of God.” It looks like ordinary people living out an extraordinary story together.

Your life can make a difference.

Our mission at Vivid Church is to guide you in building a personal relationship with God. As you grow in this relationship, you’ll continually Find more Freedom in Christ and embrace the vision He has for your life.

You’ll develop meaningful connections with others in the same season of life. You’ll Make a Difference in the world by serving others with your God-given strengths.